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ISO 22000: 2018

ISO 22000: 2018

On the road to excellence and success Radwa Company is the first Saudi chicken company to receive the ISO 22000: 2018 international certification in food safety management system

Saudi Radwa is the pioneer whom has developed, implemented and maintained ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System which is a global mark for Food Safety to ensure the customer health and to ensure that all Saudi Radwa products are processed under a very strict quality control and food safety standard and to meet our customer expectation for taste, freshness, flavour, health, nutrition and safety.

One of the points of excellence of Saudi Radwa is the selection of the premium quality of raw materials; corn and soya grains which are being used in the production of poultry feed according to the highest quality standards, which ensures the high nutritional value of the feed and ensure the safety of poultry feed in addition to being free from all kinds of biological hazards that affect human health same like salmonella and mycotoxins. Saudi Radwa was one of the first companies whom responded to and participated in the Saudi Food and Drug Authority initiative to reduce mycotoxins levels in the feed of food-producing animals by utilizing all the expertise of research and development and laboratory and the technical teams to participate in SFDA initiative.

Finally, based on the highest standards of quality and safety of the poultry industry, we won the trust of our customers and become leader of quality in poultry production. Saudi Radwa also been considered as approved supplier for almost all the leading customer in the kingdom as well as in the region. One of them is Saudi Aramco.